On Jan 20th, 200+ protesters were mass-arrested, detained, and now face 8+ felonies.

New US Attorney for DC Takes Office Under Ethics Cloud

Trump's nominee Jessie Liu flouted good-government norms before the ink was dry on her nomination. Can we convince her to do the right thing for the J20 cases?

Next Steps

Plans to hand-deliver your signatures, and add more DOJ 'Decision Makers' to the petition

Thank You!

With your help, we've soared past our first goal of 1000 signatures

DropJ20 Launch + Motion to Dismiss

Learn about our pending motion to dismiss the charges, and find DropJ20 on social media

DropJ20 Launch + Motion to Dismiss

We recently had a hearing on a motion to dismiss our indictment (and the charges) for violations of the 1st, 5th, and 6th Amendments. From our most recent filing:

"Underscoring the brazenness of this prosecution, neither the defense nor the government has found any prior case where the government has even attempted to do what it seeks to do here..."

"The absence of any precedent—in D.C., the federal system, or any other jurisdiction—[...]demonstrates just how unreasonable the government’s charging decisions are in this case. [...] And it seeks to make the Court complicit in its decision to overcharge, asking the Court to approve a theory that no prosecutor appears ever to have dared before"

We're currently waiting for a ruling from Judge Leibowitz! (get updates!)


And finally, we've launched our website (and mini social media empire - find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)

At you will find even more ways to engage, including a letter writing prompt, email updates, and a campaign fundraiser.

I'd especially encourage you to check out our letter writing campaign: Bombard the Bosses.

Every letter our supporters write will be delivered to offices and individuals with the power to influence this case at the U.S. Attorney's Office for DC, and throughout the Justice department. (They're sent instantly via email, and we follow up by sending a paper copy by mail for maximum impact!)

Writers get the chance to tell more of their own story, and make an even bigger impact on the people who hold the power to fix this terrible situation!

Thank You!

With your help, we made it to our first goal of 1000 signatures!

So now what?

We're taking our message directly to the officials with the authority to drop the charges! (stay tuned for details)

Next Steps

As promised, we will seek an in-person meeting with Channing Phillips, deliver a copy of the petition/signatures, and reach out to the press with our story.

Because we're worried that Phillips won't do the right thing, we have also added several more 'Decision Makers' to the petition.

John Gidez

Chief: USADC Felony Major Crimes Section

As the Chief of (J20 lead prosecutor) Jennifer Kerkhoff's section, we think he needs to know what's happening on his watch.

Robin C. Ashton

Counsel: DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility investigates potential misconduct among DOJ attorneys. We hope they'll investigate these overly-aggressive prosecutions.

Michael Horowitz

DOJ Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for handling waste, fraud, and abuse. We'd like them take a look at the resources dedicated to investigating and prosecuting this case.

We hope to hear back soon about delivering our message in person!

For now, please share the petition, so we can show Phillips as many of your thoughts and signatures as possible.

You can also sign up for our email updates or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

New US Attorney for DC Takes Office Under Ethics Cloud

Earlier this year, President Trump fired nearly all of the US Attorneys who hadn't already resigned, and few were surprised when his replacements were overwhelmingly white and male. The one exception: his nominee for DC (and transition alumn) Jessie Liu.

Optimism was tempered a bit as we noticed that she's listed as an 'expert' by the actual-real-life-vast-right-wing-conspiracy that is the Federalist Society.

It was utterly destroyed when we learned that she'd visited with Trump before her confirmation - in violation of the core principle of judicial independence. Out of 42 nominees, she is the only one who did so.

Tweet this image! #DropJ20

Tweet this image

Today, Liu took office as the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia - and is now responsible for the future of the J20 prosecutions.

Accordingly, she is now listed as a 'Decision Maker' on our petition, and we encourage you to follow @DropJ20 on Twitter for the latest updates.

This could get interesting!

Please share our petition with your friends, family, sworn enemies, casual acquaintances...

Now more than ever, we need to show the Department of Justice that abusive, excessive, politically motivated prosecutions will not go unnoticed!